Android P: Everything You Need to Know About

What’s New & Exciting in Android P?

System Usability Enhancements

New System Navigation:

App Actions:


Redesigned Quick Settings:

Volume Controls:

Nifty Screenshot Tools:

Better Rotation Control:

At-a-Glance on Always-on-Display:

Overview Selection:

Battery & Brightness Enhancements

Adaptive Battery and Improved Adaptive Brightness:

Improved Battery Saver:

Background Restrictions:

Digital Wellbeing Controls to Tackle Phone Addiction

App Dashboard:

App Timer:

Wind Down and Do Not Disturb:

Media Enhancements

Multiple Bluetooth Connections and Volume Memory Per Bluetooth Device:

Sound Delay Reporting:

Support for HD Audio, HDR VP9 Video, and HEIF Image Formats:

Notifications Improvements

Notification Enhancements for Messaging:

Manage Notifications:

Security & Privacy Improvements

Android Backups:

Android Biometric Prompt:

Protected Confirmation and StrongBox:

Privacy Enhancements:



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